Chart Catalogue


Chart Catalogue (HP 001)

This publication listing all nautical charts under different chart scheme that been published and yet to be published by Bangladesh Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Centre. This Catalogue contains 63 nautical charts covering the coastal area, rivers, ports and channel of Bangladesh coast. The arrangement of charts in this catalogue has been produced on the basis of scale to achieve an accurate and realistic navigational output. A chronological arrangement for nautical chart numbering is promulgated in accordance with the scale of chart for easy identification. Charts of same scale covering the whole coast are almost of same dimension as per S-4 (Regulations of the IHO for International Charts and Chart Specifications of the IHO). Bangladesh Navy chart scheme consist of following scale of charts:

  • 1:12 500
  • 1:25 000
  • 1:30 000
  • 1:35 000
  • 1:50 000
  • 1:75 000
  • 1:250 000
  • 1:350 000
  • 1:700 000

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