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During 1951-52 the first fighter squadron of Pakistan was organized anew. It was commanded by Abdur Rahim Khan who became the Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force during 1969-71. Bengali PAF/AF officer Flight Lieutenant Towab was the Flight Commander of that squadron who later became Chief of Air Staff of independent Bangladesh in 1975. Of the Bengali pilots Flying Officer Alam died in plane crash in 1956. He Left behind his contemporary Flying Officer A K Khandker who later played a glorious role in our historic Liberation War. He was not only the Deputy Commander of the Bangladesh side in the Liberation War; he also represented Bangladesh side during the surrender of the occupation Force at Race Course Maidan (Now Suhrawardy Uddan) on 16 December 1971. It is worth mentioning that A K Khandker became the first Chief of Air Staff of Bangladesh Air Force (BAF).